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Preserve Your Pretty Parties

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What is a Preserve Your Pretty Party?

Dr. Myla’s Preserve Your Pretty Parties are a chance for women to come together and to learn about the skincare treatments and products that keep them looking youthful and feeling beautiful.

Dr. Myla of Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body is passionate about educating women on how to take care of their skin, so they can look naturally pretty and radiant for years to come. She knows so many women know so little about their own skin, and she has the medical expertise and knowledge to change that.

Where Do These Parties Happen?

They can happen anywhere from private homes to salons, spas, and more.

Dr. Myla knows that life doesn’t just happen inside a doctor’s office, so she makes the time and takes the effort to hold these parties where her clients are. The key to Dr. Myla’s ability to educate people is her compassion and her commitment to convenience.

After all, you’re the biggest advocate to keeping your skin healthy and beautiful, and since you’re normally doing that at home, it’s the perfect place to learn the best way to preserve your pretty.

What’s Included?

For every Preserve Your Pretty Party, Dr. Myla discusses the best products and treatments for preserving and restoring your natural, youthful appearance.

Dr. Myla then provides a skin analysis, which is followed by her recommendation for a customized treatment plan for each person’s beauty goals.

Dr. Myla takes the time to listen to everyone, and she encourages questions.

Party guests also enjoy exclusive discounts on beauty products and deals on revitalizing treatments, which are given by Dr. Myla herself.

Dr. Myla Is Dedicated

Dr. Myla is a board-certified plastic surgeon with years of knowledge and experience. She listens and truly pays attention to her clients, and she takes note of every small detail.

She loves working with her clients to preserve and restore their natural, beautiful appearance, and she knows the value of trust when it comes to the recommendations she makes for her patients.

As her party guests always find out, Dr. Myla is known for being friendly and down-to-earth.

Host a Preserve Your Pretty Party

Preserve Your Pretty Parties are a great way to invest in the health and beauty of your skin. Contact us today to schedule your very own Preserve Your Pretty Party.

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