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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are exactly what their name says: a combination of chemicals is used to peel away top layers of skin. After these layers are gone, new and beautiful skin is revealed.

As part of our med spa services, a chemical peel treatment will be developed for you by Dr. Myla based on the type of skin you have and what you are looking to achieve. Treatments range in strength and ingredients, depending on your individual needs. These factors determine recovery process and time.

Common Reasons for Chemical Peels

Almost anyone can receive a chemical peel. It is beneficial in unclogging pores to reduce acne, and also creates smoother, softer skin. The treatment can alleviate various issues like:

  • Aging skin
  • Crow’s feet
  • Scars
  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven color and tone

How They Work

Your skin will be cleansed before the chemical peel is applied, removing any oil, debris, and dead skin. Then, a mask of the chemical peel will be applied on the skin. The length of time the peel is left on depends on the concentration of the solution you need. After time is up, the peel is simply rinsed off. A cream or gel can be applied to reduce any side effects like swelling, redness, itching, or burning.

Chemical peels are an outpatient procedure, so you can return home after the process is over. Mild treatments can be repeated over the course of a couple months, allowing shorter recovery and downtime periods. Some peeling and redness can be expected for a few days after treatment; sometimes these symptoms can last longer depending on the strength of your procedure. Usually the symptoms are very similar to that of a minor sunburn. Aftercare is minimal but the new skin that is generated will be sensitive to the sun and other elements, so wearing sunscreen is important after a chemical peel.

Candidates for Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are generally safe and can help with a multitude of problems, but not everyone is a candidate for this procedure. Taking certain types of medications or having dermatological disorders may prevent you from undergoing a chemical peel.

Chemical peels are generally not recommended for people who:

  • Are nursing or pregnant
  • Have recently taken Accutane
  • Have skin disorders like rosacea, psoriasis, or eczema
  • Are heavy smokers
  • Have cancer

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