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Keloid Removal Surgery

Keloids are raised scars that form from the production of excess collagen during healing. It is not fully understood why these scars occur. However, people with darker skin pigmentation are more susceptible to keloids. Dr. Myla Bennett is one of the few plastic surgeons who can offer effective keloid removal. This type of scar tissue is notoriously difficult to treat, so trusting your care to a specialist cosmetic surgeon is highly recommended.

At Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body, we offer a virtual or in-office consultation to accommodate patients from anywhere in the world. If you believe your raised scars are keloids, Dr. Myla Bennett and her team can provide confirmation and treatment options. Many patients have traveled from out-of-state to benefit from the skill and experience of Dr. Myla Bennett with this surgical procedure.

Complications from Keloid Scars

It is important to determine if your scarring matches the profile of keloids when seeking treatment. Due to the nature of keloids, scar tissue can return if an unsuitable treatment is used. In some cases, the condition becomes worse as a result of treatment. Dr. Myla Bennett has the tools and knowledge to greatly increase the probability of favorable outcomes.

If you have consulted with a plastic surgeon in the past and were told that keloid removal is not an option, Dr. Myla Bennett and her team would like to hear from you. Due to the challenges associated with keloid removal, most plastic surgeons are reluctant to offer treatment. At Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body, you will benefit from specialized procedures that are not available from many other doctors in Georgia.

Would you like to know more about keloid removal at Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body? Reach out to our practice, and speak to a member of Dr. Myla Bennett’s team today. We can provide effective solutions to free you from the embarrassment of highly visible scar tissue.

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