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Before and After Ear Pinning Surgery

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Ear pinning surgery in Johns Creek, GA is primarily done to set prominent ears closer to the head or reduce the size of large ears.

Preparing for Ear Pinning Surgery

There are a few things that you’ll need to do to prepare for your ear pinning surgery. They include:

Stop smoking – Smokers don’t heal as well as non-smokers do, so quitting at least six weeks before any surgery is recommended.

Avoid certain drugs – You should avoid taking aspirin, certain anti-inflammatory drugs and some herbal medications that may cause increased bleeding. Your surgeon will specifically discuss what it is that you should stay away from.

Stay hydrated – Dehydration can affect the way you heal, so making sure you’re taking in enough fluids leading up to your surgery is very important for a safe recovery.

Don’t drink or eat the day of – On the day of your procedure, you shouldn’t eat or drink anything. Doing so may cause us to have to cancel your surgery.

Dress in loose clothing – Wear comfortable clothing on the day of your surgery. A loose shirt that you can button rather than one that slides over your head is better. You don’t want anything that’s restricting.

After Ear Pinning Surgery

To help with your recovery, you should consider the following instructions:

Bandages – You’ll likely leave to go home with bandages over your ears. Our surgeon will instruct you on when you can take them off or if you need to change them.

Taking medication – Throbbing, aching, or any mild discomfort you experience post-surgery can be reduced by taking your prescribed medication as instructed.

No driving – Due to the lingering effects of anesthesia, you won’t be coherent enough to drive the day of your procedure.

Sleeping – For several days post-op, it’s advised that you don’t sleep on your side as this will put unwanted pressure on your ears.

Headband – You may need to wear a headband for several weeks after surgery.

Resuming normal work and activity levels – Your surgeon will advise when you can go back to your normal routine.

Ear Pinning Surgeon

If you’re interested in having ear pinning surgery, visit Edera Bella Plastic Surgery in Johns Creek, GA to speak with Dr. Myla Bennett. She has done many of these and other cosmetic surgeries related to prominent ears. To learn more, give us a call and schedule a consultation.

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