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Breast Implant Sizes – Which Size Is Right for Me?

Unless you’ve previously had breast implants, choosing the best size can seem daunting and even overwhelming. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. The breast augmentation experts at Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body bring decades of experience helping women like you look and feel their best — both inside and out.

After discussing your medical history, we’ll discuss your options and explain the pros and cons of each size relative to your body style and frame. Simply put, there is no one-size-fits-all breast size solution, but the team at Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body offers the expertise and resources to guide you toward the best decision.

Breast Implant Sizers Can Help

Just as you would try on a pair of jeans before purchasing them, the team at Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body can walk you through your breast implant choices with silicone breast implant sizers. As one of everyone’s favorite part of the consultation, our breast implant sizers will help you visualize what your implants will look like.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but we’ll help you consider your height, body frame, weight, hip width, shoulder width, and current breast volume when making your decision. At Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body, we offer breast implant sizers from as small as 125cc that are excellent for correcting asymmetry. It’s important to understand there’s no perfect size. Instead, we’ll discuss the range of sizes available that may work well and help you achieve your desired results.

Important Breast Implant Considerations to Make

Everyone has different wants, needs, and goals. However, we’ve learned there are a few considerations everyone should make when considering breast implant sizes. These important tips include:

  • Fitness: Make sure to consider your exercise routine. If you are a tennis player or runner, you should consider implants that will not interfere with your routine.
  • Wardrobe: Bring in different outfits to try on with your sizers when you come in for your consultation. It’s important you’re comfortable and look stunning in your cocktail dresses as well as your casual clothes.
  • Personality: Are you relatively shy or are you super outgoing? In either case, make sure to consider your personality and how you would like to be perceived by others. Dr. Myla Bennett will discuss any potential social implications with you to help you make the best decision.
  • Keep You in Mind: Just because your bestie looks great in 350s doesn’t mean you’ll look the same — even if you have similar body styles. In either case, it’s imperative you choose the right implant size based on your needs and goals. When you remain open to different options, it’s much more likely the Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body team will guide you toward the best solution.
  • Consider Friendly or Spousal Advice: It’s always a great idea to bring your spouse or friend with you to try on different sizers. Although the Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body team brings professional expertise, it’s important to have the input of your friends and/or spouse. In addition, we’ll discuss a lot of information, so it’s best to have an extra set of ears.

Contact Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body to Learn Which Breast Implant Size Is Right for You

When choosing the best breast implant size, you can rest assured the team at Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body will help guide you to the best solution and consider all your options. If you’re still undecided after your first session with the breast sizer, we encourage our patients to schedule another appointment. In the end, our goal is to help you look and feel as beautiful as possible — both inside and out.

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