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Face Lift Options

Do you wish you could regain some of your former youth and vitality? Then, a face lift may be the right option for you.

At Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body, there are several face lift options available, which cater to different levels of results and budgets. Dr. Myla is a board-certified plastic surgeon who takes the time to consult with every one of her patients to find the right procedure for them. We want you to look younger and happier.

Read more about our different face lift options below:

Deep Plane Lift

A deep plane lift is one of the most extensive face lift procedures, and it has the most dramatic, lasting results. For this procedure, a surgeon makes small incisions at the hairline that extend down behind the ears to access the deepest level of your facial structure.

This face lift repositions your face’s superficial musculo-aponeurotic system (SMAS), so you appear more relaxed and youthful. Excess skin is then removed or tightened and sutured back into place at the hairline. Younger-looking results can last up to 10 to 15 years.


A SMAS lift involves similar incisions at the hairline as deep plane lifts, but instead of repositioning the SMAS, the surgeon will tighten it for a taut appearance.

Excess skin or tissue is then removed, and the surgeon sutures everything back up. For this option, no attachments are released under the SMAS, making it less invasive.

Short Scar Lift

Short scar lifts are face lifts that involve small scars along the hairline, near the temple and the ear. They are designed to rejuvenate the middle and lower sections of the face by pulling and tightening the connective tissue in those areas. These procedures do not do anything to the skin on the neck.

Endoscopic Lift

An endoscopic face lift uses three or more short incisions. A small camera is inserted into these incisions for the surgeon to examine the under-skin structure. As a fairly non-invasive, outpatient surgery, these lifts have a short recovery time.

They are good for small facial “tune-ups”, and they work well to tighten up cheek sagging.

Midface Lift

A midface lift is pretty much what it sounds like: a face lift that focuses on the middle third of the face.

With incisions at the hairline and inside the mouth, a surgeon will reduce the appearance of laugh lines and reduce cheek sagging by repositioning skin and tissue over your cheekbones. This option is good for people looking to focus on the skin around their mouths and cheeks.

Stem Cell Face Lift

The least invasive face lift isn’t exactly a true face lift. The stem cell face lift does not rely on surgery to renew patients’ youthful appearance.

For this procedure, fat cells are taken from other areas of the body (stomach or medial thigh), processed to stimulate the already high count of stem cells and purify the selection, and then injected into the face.

Generally, these cells are relocated along the cheekbones to fill out sagging skin and contour the face. They can also be used to fill fine lines and wrinkles.

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