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Feeling Confident in Your Own Skin

Beautiful Smiling Woman

You’ve heard the old saying, “Put your best face first.” But what if you’re not thrilled about your reflection in the mirror or even comfortable enough to smile in photographs?

Recently, Salma Hayek celebrated her 53rdbirthday, and in a go-big-or-go-home fashion, sporting a revealing bikini on the beach as she spent time with her family and closest friends.

But not all women are comfortable or confident enough to do the same, even around their best friends.

Plastic Surgery in Johns Creek

At Edera Bella Plastic Surgery & Medical Sap, we empower Johns Creek women to feel great about themselves so that they can feel confident and carefree. When you feel comfortable and proud of the way you look, there’s no telling what you’ll be able to do. Wearing a bikini at the pool is just one aspect of what a person with great self-esteem and body image gets to enjoy.

A Confidential Consultation

What do you wish you could wear or do, that you’re not already able to? Whether it’s address minor skin imperfections like age spots, or finally indulge in the mommy makeover you’ve always wanted, Johns Creek founder Dr. Myla works closely alongside of you to set realistic and achievable expectations.

Your Premier Cosmetic Surgeon

As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Myla is attuned to the physical and emotional needs that affect women on a day in and day out basis. Your personalized experience at our practice is one that’s designed to feel differently than rushed plastic surgery centers.

Rather, we’ll help you curate a makeover plan that gives you the results and feelings you’re hoping for: like being able to confidently show off your skin in a revealing new bikini or feel refreshed in the privacy of your bedroom.

Every woman’s situation is different. And at Edera Bella, we understand that. That’s why it’s never too soon or too late to talk with Dr. Myla about what the possibilities are. You may just find that there’s a solution that fits your lifestyle better than you imagined.

Book Your Visit Today

Consulting with a cosmetic specialist like Dr. Myla can help set your mind at ease when it comes to the unknowns of Johns Creek plastic surgery. Our female-lead team is here to help you feel comfortable, confident, and energized about your lifestyle.

We invite you to request an appointment to learn more about our unique approach to care and find out how we can help you live life to the fullest! Call now.

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