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Massage Your Way to Better Health

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In our fast paced, high stress world, it might be nice to slow down occasionally for a massage. If you don’t work out or play recreational sports, you might be wondering if you even need a massage, after all, you aren’t using your muscles that hard.

But there are all types of massages, from light pressure point massage to deep tissue massage, and all points in between. One thing we all could use is a way to both decrease stress and increase the immune system. Enter the lymphatic massage by Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa. We can help you get healthy and stay healthy, so you feel as beautiful on the outside as you are inside!

What Does My Lymphatic System Do, Anyway?

Just like your veins and arteries move blood through your body, your lymphatic system moves fluid that contains white blood cells. This fluid collects toxins and germs, storing them in your lymph nodes around your neck, collarbone, under arm, or groin areas so they can be flushed and eliminated.

Your lymphatic vessels, nodes, and organs are a basic part of your body’s immune system: it helps keep you healthy!

Why Lymphatic Massage?

Lymph flows right beneath your skin. Just about any massage will activate your lymphatic system, but a lymphatic massage is, by design, light pressure with soft, rhythmic touch. In this way, the certified masseuse at Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body’s medical spa will stimulate the movement of fluids through your body without pressing too deep into your muscles. A lymphatic massage helps your body process cortisol, the stress hormone; it also stimulates the lymph to go through your body collecting toxins and infections along the way.

You should also experience a lesser incidence of illness and fatigue as the lymph traps and processes the germs and infections it finds. Fluids will start flowing through your body easier, keeping you hydrated. It’s amazing all the things the lymphatic system can do!

A Happier, Healthier You!

At Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body, we believe that beauty begins within and radiates outward. When you feel great, you get the positive energy and outlook from begin healthy. The services we offer at our Medical Spa are all geared toward a happy, healthy lifestyle. Enjoy a lymphatic massage and start building your health, one step at a time! Call today for an appointment and find out what else we can do to make you look as beautiful as you feel!

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