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Non-Surgical Alternatives to Facial Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery can have amazing outcomes for your face, from reshaping your nose to rejuvenating your brow, cheeks, jawline and neck. However, not every cosmetic transformation needs to be accomplished by surgery. There are incredible facial procedures that can be performed as alternatives to plastic surgery that can produce beautiful results with less downtime, even if they are only temporary.

Liquid Facelift

When you begin to notice sagging jowls, lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging, the idea of a facelift may come to mind. Facelift surgery is the gold standard of facial rejuvenation, but in the early stages of aging you may benefit from a non-surgical option. A liquid facelift can be accomplished with dermal fillers and Botox, and these injections can be combined with skin tightening treatments to help you look years younger.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Do you have an oddly shaped nose that you want to change? If you have ever considered rhinoplasty but you are not ready for surgery, come in for a non-surgical nose job consultation. Many nose shapes can be improved with cosmetic injections, giving you a chance to “try on” a new nose shape without the commitment of surgery.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift

Are your eyebrows drooping? Do you have frown or worry lines making your face look older and grumpy? Liquid or non-surgical brow lifts can be performed with Botox® injections. Not only can Botox smooth away dynamic lines between the eyebrows and across the forehead, but it can relax muscles that pull down the outer portions of the eyebrows. This can give the entire brow a more youthful appearance without surgery.

Non-Surgical Neck Lift

If you have sagging neck skin, vertical cords or lines around your neck, it can give away your age. To rejuvenate the neck area, consider coming to the Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body medical spa for a non-surgical neck lift. We use Botox injections to reduce cords and lines along with skin tightening treatments to firm the skin for a firmer, more youthful neck.

Not all cosmetic transformations need to be surgical. At Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body, we offer many non-invasive options for facial alterations that can be completed in less than an hour and require little to no downtime. Call our office in Johns Creek, GA to schedule a cosmetic consultation to learn more about our surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

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