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Revision for Complex Scar Tissue

Scar Treatment Johns Creek GA

If you have highly visible scars from an injury, infection or previous surgery, you may not like the end result. It is understandable to feel self-conscious about any kind of skin blemish. Scars are especially problematic for some patients because they can impact both appearance and functionality around the affected area.

Scar revision is a specialist area of cosmetic surgery that is designed to reduce the visible impact on damaged tissue. There are several potential causes for unsightly scar tissue formation. Poor incision techniques, the location and orientation of the scar, age at the point of injury or surgery, scarring disorders and genetics are just some of the contributing factors to how damaged tissue heals.

Seeking Scar Consultation

The first thing you should do is seek scar consultation to determine the best treatment approach. Trusting your care to an experienced scar revision specialist is crucial. If the correct procedures and techniques are not used, treatment can result in further damage and prominence of scar tissue.

The specialist will carry out a comprehensive exam that includes assessing skin type, medical history and predisposition to genetic scarring such as keloids. This assessment is an important part of the treatment plan. Choosing the correct medicinal or surgical options will determine levels of success for any methodology.

For example, keloids describes the over production of collagen when a wound is healing. Standard revision techniques are not recommended for this type of scar tissue. There is also a high probability of keloids reoccurring if the specialist does not use techniques or procedures that are effective for revising keloid scarring.

Treatment for Complex Scarring

Scar management is the best method for improving the shape and appearance of affected tissue, in most cases. It is also crucial that scar revision treatments are not performed on immature tissue. Scarring must complete in order to achieve optimal outcomes from any approach. This process can take over a year and will determine the final aesthetic of a scar.

There are numerous other factors to consider with complex scar revision. Dr. Myla Bennett Powell of Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body Plastic Surgery can provide a scar revision consultation at her Johns Creek, Georgia, offices. You will receive the most appropriate treatment from an experienced and accomplished plastic surgeon who understands scar tissue anatomy.

Call Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body Plastic Surgery to book your scar revision consultation with Dr. Myla today.

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