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Sagging Neck Treatment in Johns Creek

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Having sagging skin under the neck (a condition some of us also know as “turkey neck”) can make you feel self-conscious and want to hide it. It can be difficult to wear certain jewelry or that favorite turtleneck you like to sport during our Johns Creek, Georgia winters.

Causes of Sagging Neck Skin

As you age, your skin loses collagen which is what gives it it’s tightness and elasticity. Additionally, the older you get, the weaker the muscles in your neck become. All of these things cause loose, sagging skin. Another thing that causes a turkey neck is excess fat or severe weight loss.

Treatments for Sagging Neck Skin

Sagging neck treatment can help you regain the balance in your face and achieve a more defined neck and jawline. To regain the youthfulness of your neck you can consider one of a combination of the following treatments:

Neck Exercises
Consistent neck exercises can help tone the muscles under your chin, making the sagging less evident, however, it won’t do anything to tighten or remove excess skin.
When used regularly, creams containing N-acetyl glucosamine can firm and smooth the skin.
Kybella is an injectable medication that dissolves fat. This procedure needs to be repeated several times over the course of many weeks to see the full effect.
Neck Liposuction
Liposuction removes excess fat from the neck area but doesn’t do anything for loose skin. The best candidate for liposuction alone is younger patients who still have tight skin, but just suffer from a double chin.
Laser Treatment
Laser skin tightening treatments stimulate the collagen under your skin and encourage it to contract, creating a smoother, more firm appearance.
Direct Excision
Direct excision refers to cutting and removing excess neck skin to achieve a tighter look. This surgical procedure is done in a way that doesn’t leave visible scars.
Chin Implant
A custom-fit chin implant can be placed to refine the neckline and add definition to a weak chin.

Sagging Neck Treatments in Johns Creek, Georgia

If you’re concerned about your sagging neck skin and want to learn more about the ways to improve its appearance, then call Dr. Myla and the Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body team to discuss your options and have all of your questions answered. You deserve to feel better about yourself and be pleased with what you see in the mirror. Get started on your makeover journey today by requesting a private consultation.

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