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What Can Gluteal Contouring Do for You?

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One of the most noticeable and enticing body features is a well-shaped butt. It does not matter your gender, having nicely shaped buttocks can make you feel confident in your appearance. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with genetics that are needed for the rear they desire. Aging and other factors can also affect the shape and projection of your backside. At Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body in Johns Creek, GA, we offer gluteal contouring for those desiring a more attractive and shapely gluteal area.

Gluteal contouring is a cosmetic procedure that is designed to reshape the buttocks. Unlike a BBL (Brazilian butt lift) that is a very specific surgery to enhance the glutes, this procedure is customized to the patient. Dr. Myla uses various techniques and procedures to enhance and contour the gluteal region, which may include a fat transfer like BBL procedures, but also may include lifting, liposuction, gluteal implants and other techniques. The goal is to create the desired butt shape for the patient, whatever shape that may be.

Candidate for Gluteal Contouring

BBL procedures have been very popular for many years, but they are not right for everyone. With gluteal contouring, anyone who wants to improve their backside can achieve a more attractive and enticing butt. Some of the individuals that seek gluteal contouring include:

  • Thinner individuals with small or flat buttocks
  • People who have lost excessive weight and now have saggy skin or tissue on their buttocks
  • Older adults that have lost buttock volume, firmness or have sagging gluteal tissue
  • Anyone wanting rounder, fuller buttocks for a more attractive body shape

If diet and exercise are not successful in creating the buttock size and shape you desire, gluteal contouring may be right for you. Dr. Myla can evaluate your body shape and recommend procedures to obtain the gluteal contours you desire.

To schedule a gluteal contouring consultation, contact our team at Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body. Call our plastic surgery center in Johns Creek, GA. Our staff will schedule your private session with Dr. Myla to discuss whether gluteal contouring is right for you.

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