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What is a Mommy Makeover?

Many women become interested in plastic surgery after they have children. While the structure of a woman’s body is changed permanently during pregnancy, especially if she has had multiple children, plastic surgery can help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body.

If you’re interested a mom interested in having plastic surgery, then a mommy makeover may be an excellent option for you!

What is the Definition of a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures that can restore your body to its pre-pregnancy appearance. This can include a combination of surgeries such as a tummy tuck and a breast lift.

Other types of procedures can reduce or minimize the appearance of stretch marks, sagging skin, or stubborn pockets of fat left over from pregnancy.

Procedures Available for Mommy Makeovers

Dr. Myla offers multiple procedures that can be used in combination for a Mommy Makeover. These procedures include:

Dr. Myla also offers different products that help even skin tone and reduce aging. Visit her ZO Skin Care Products for a variety of health products that can help you feel restored and renewed.

How Soon Can Results Be Seen?

The recovery process after your procedure can vary depending upon how your body heals and the procedures that you choose. Dr. Myla will prescribe your own personal post-op recovery plan as well.

Typically, a month after your surgery you will be comfortable enough to reveal your renewed body!

Will There Be Scaring After the Mommy Makeover?

Just as there is scarring with plastic surgery in general, there is slight scarring after your Mommy Makeover. However, Dr. Myla works to ensure that scarring is minimal and, if possible, placed in areas where it will go unnoticed.

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