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February Plastic Surgery Procedure of the Month: Lip Implants

At Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body, our clients are incredibly important to us, so we want to take the time to educate them about our services and help them make decisions that truly improve their quality of life.

Each month, we’re taking the time to highlight one of our cosmetic surgery procedures or medical spa services. For February, we’re shining the spotlight on the transformative potential of lip implants.

Dr. Myla is a board-certified plastic surgeon as well as the owner of Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body. She provides every client with a consultation to help recognize and realize each person’s individual beauty goals.

Learn more about the benefits of lip implants below.

Benefits of Lip Implants

Full, shapely lips help offer a youthful appearance and add symmetry to the face enhancing one’s natural beauty.

However, many people are born with thin lips, and others simply lose lip volume over time as they age. Luckily, lip implants offer a permanent solution for people who want enhanced lip volume.

Lip Implants Last Longer than Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are a quick solution for increasing the size of your lips, but they tend to fade after 6 to 9 months. While recurring lip filler injections are an option, many people prefer to receive lip implants.

Lip implants only require one short, outpatient procedure to provide permanently fuller lips! You won’t have to worry about loss of lip volume or recurring injections when you opt to receive lip implants.

Lip Implants Are Available in Different Sizes

Not all lips are created equal. Lip implants are silicone implants, which are available in a variety of lengths and diameters.

During your consultation, Dr. Myla will determine what implant sizes are right for you based on your existing lips and expected results. These different sizes help provide realistic-looking results and ensure no unnatural bulges or lumps develop over time.

Lip Implants are Incredibly Natural-Looking

Lip implants are made of smooth and soft silicone, which features a natural contour. The material used will not rupture or break down over time.

The procedure involved creates a small tunnel through the lips where the implant is placed, so it can enhance the natural shape and volume of your own lips.

Schedule Your Consultation for Lip Implants in Johns Creek & Metro Atlanta Today

Are you ready to turn the world on with your smile? Lip implants can improve your appearance and self-esteem, and most people find they barely notice them during normal activities like talking, eating, smiling, and kissing.

If you’re ready for permanently fuller-looking lips, book your lip implants consultation online, or call (678) 325-0006 to set up your appointment today.

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