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Vaginal Rejuvenation: Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is a form of vaginal rejuvenation that helps correct women’s aesthetic or functional problems stemming from their labia minora – or the inner lips on the outside of the vagina.

By making the inner labia smaller and more compact, labiaplasty is able to help women feel sexier and gain more confidence in their appearance. The procedure also works wonders to reduce the emotional and physical discomfort many women experience due to an enlarged labia.

Common Reasons for Labiaplasty

Women may feel uncomfortable with the appearance or size of their labia due to a variety of reasons.

Many women are born with larger inner labia that protrude from the outer vaginal lips more than they desire. Labiaplasty can make the inner lips smaller and more symmetrical, which can enhance sexual confidence and reduce self-consciousness during sexual experiences.

Age and childbirth can also produce undesired changes to the labia due to a loss of skin elasticity and stretching over time. Labiaplasty can help rejuvenate the vaginal area and restore it to a more youthful and tight appearance of younger years.

In addition to aesthetic reasons, larger inner labia can also be uncomfortable when wearing tight clothing or engaging in sexual activity. This discomfort is due to chafing and the increased sensitivity of the delicate labial skin. Because more of the inner labia is exposed outside of the outer protective lips, the skin is more likely to experience stretching and rubbing from skin, fabrics, bike seats, and other surfaces.

Whatever the cause, there is no reason to live with discomfort or embarrassment when it comes to your intimate areas. Dr. Myla and the team at Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body are here to help you regain your physical confidence and ability to experience sexual pleasure with their superior surgical skills and compassionate care.

What to Expect During Labiaplasty

The first step is to have a consultation with our founder Dr. Myla. During the consultation, you can completely address your concerns, desired outcomes, and any questions you have.

Then, Dr. Myla will cover all of the options for labiaplasty including reductions to the labia minora, labia majora, and removal of skin from over the clitoral hood to obtain the desired aesthetic results and function.

The procedure itself is an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia that takes approximately two hours.

During recovery, most patients experience mild swelling and discomfort. This can be alleviated with cold compresses. The swelling and bruising will subside after the first week or two, and most patients can return to work within five days.

Schedule a Labiaplasty Consultation with Preserve your Pretty Skin and Body

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